Kyoto Marathon – Vehicle Location Management by “VasMap”

The 2015 Kyoto Marathon is one of the major citizen marathon events in Japan, with 16,000 runners participating. In citizen marathons, which involve the closing off of roads within large cities, strict security measures and careful traffic management are essential. In particular, in order to ensure that the reopening of streets proceeds smoothly, it is necessary to be able to check the progress of the race in real time.

VasMap is adopted as a position management system for the lead cars, police motorbikes and clean-up vehicles that move along with the runners, and it is utilized at the race control center.

System Makeup

VasMap is installed in a total of 6 vehicles consisting of police motorbikes at the head of the race, lead cars and clean-up vehicles, and used to manage vehicle positioning.

VasMap 京都マラソン事例 白バイVasMap 京都マラソン事例 指令車VasMap 京都マラソン事例 資材撤去確認車

Position data from the vehicles is sent to Akasakatec’s cloud server, allowing the positions of all vehicles to be checked in real time with a web browser at the race control center (at the finish line), as well as at police and fire department control centers.

VasMap 京都マラソン事例 大会本部の様子(Webカメラ)VasMap 京都マラソン事例 大会本部の様子(VasMap)

VasMap 京都マラソン事例 白バイ スタート地点VasMap 京都マラソン事例 指令車 車載

VasMap 京都マラソン事例 ゴール地点の様子VasMap 京都マラソン事例 ゴール地点の様子

VasMap 京都マラソン事例 指令車 車載
VasMap 京都マラソン事例 VasMap画面

For details, refer to “VasMap”

VasMap supports the safe operation and efficient movement of site vehicles.
The system incorporates a voice guidance system for vehicle drivers, and allows surveillance of adherence to speed limits and real time monitoring of vehicle placement.