Work Efficiently with Depth-Sounding System Synchronized with GNSS

A system designed with emphasis on on-site ease of use, offering real-time tide level correction with RTK-GNSS

Software Setup

Install GPMate-ECHO on the personal computer to be used for measurement, and perform configuration of GNSS and acoustic sounder data reception.

Measurement Preparations

In order to carry out measurement using RTK-GNSS, base stations are established at known points.
When network type RTK-GNSS measurement using VRS is performed, the establishment of base stations is not required.

The bar check equipment, a GNSS receiver, measurement computer, sounder and battery are set up on the work ship.
Because setup is done using the GPMate-ECHOs GNSS automatic setup function, there is no need for troublesome GNSS setup procedures.

Bar Check

In order to measure depth correctly using the acoustic sounder, an operation referred to as bar checking is performed to correct the measurement values.


Depth measurement is carried out by using GPMate-ECHO installed on the measurement computer.
The measurement cross-section previously configured on land is selected, and the work ship proceeds along the survey line. With GPMate-ECHO, the extent of positional deviation from the survey line is communicated using voice guidance, and so sounding data can be recorded automatically simply by steering the work ship accordingly.


For details, refer to “GPMate-ECHO”