Monitoring of Volcanic Activity of Mount Hakone Using “EagleEye”

Monitoring of topographical changes at Hakone Owakudani

EagleEye is being used for the monitoring of topographical changes caused by volcanic activity at Mount Hakone.


In May 2015, there was a sharp increase in the level of volcanic activity at Hakone Owakudani, an active volcanic valley, leading to prohibition of entry into the area and the establishment of traffic controls. In addition, the surrounding areas were declared a hazard zone.
Akasakatec’s GNSS displacement measuring system “EagleEye” was employed to monitor topographical changes occurring as a result of this volcanic activity.

Observation stations (sub-devices) were set up at 9 locations within the Owakudani valley, allowing round-the-clock, year-round monitoring of changes in position data using GNSS. The observation stations are powered by solar panels, so there is no need to lay electric cables.
Data is plotted on a graph every 15 minutes (the normal rate is every hour) and the data can be checked as it is plotted from a remote location.


For details, refer to Displacement Measurement System “EagleEye”