3D-MC GNSS Shovel 3Dxi

Heavy Shovel Machinery Machine Control System

Advanced IT Construction System which Integrating GNSS (GPS+GLONASS) Technology and 3D Design Data

Displays the position of the bucket’s cutting edge in real time, with 3D design data in the background!
The displacement from the plan surface can be checked at any time.


Features and Functions

  • The bucket’s position is displayed in real time on a 3D plan surface.
  • Integrates GNSS technology and sensor technology
  • Accurate bucket guidance using a graphic display
  • Inspection is possible while operator is on the machine
  • Control Box “GX-60” using an easy to view color touch panel


Design-Compliant Bucket Guidance

The operator can constantly check the difference between the bucket’s position (height and pitch) and the design displayed on the monitor, increasing accuracy while also reducing workload. The system does not rely on experience and intuition to achieve highly reliable and precise work implementation. Staking design becomes almost unnecessary, allowing large reductions in cost, as well as highly efficient operation.。

High Precision Work Implementation

Because the bucket position is constantly displayed on the screen, the work remains true to the design even when excavating complicated shapes with a large number of curves, such as storage reservoirs, or in operations where the view of the cutting edge is obscured, such as under water.

Operation Flow