Caperea: Position tracking and Monitoring System

Monitoring position and moving route using ultra compact GPS tracker

Support location management of vehicle/ship, worker, elderly person/children etc.
This web application can confirm the position and moving route of the registered tracker.
It can check the current position, moving speed, tracker battery level etc in real time.
Also it can display past moving route and speed on a map, and download records in CSV format.

Monitor location with web browser

The trackers activated on the day are displayed as icons on the map.
The screen is updated every 3 minutes. The periodic transmission time can be set as desired (more than 15 seconds).

Operating environment

Internet connection is required to use Caperea. In order for the tracker to transmit data, it needs an outdoor GPS positioning environment and a SIM to transmit data.

Choosing a tracker and check the moving route

If you select items and search, history list and its trajectory are displayed.
Up to 100,000 position data can be recorded per tracker.

Current status list

All trackers activated on the day are displayed in the list.
(Tracker name, speed, latitude/longitude, final event, battery level, last transmission date)

Manually report:
In case of urgent, you can send a report by pressing the SOS button at the bottom of the tracker.
The record in the screen is filled with red.
Periodic transmission restarts one minute after the report has been sent.

Tracker information

With the tracker icon displayed, you can click on the icon to see the current status details of that tracker.

Tracker name Display the set name
Speed Display the moving speed. Unit is “km/h”
Direction Display the moving direction between 0 and 359.99 degrees
Longitude/Latitude Display the current location. Unit is “degree”
Final event Display the name of the event sent last (notice of low battery and manual operation)
Battery level Display the remaining amount as “%”
Periodic transmission date Display last sent time
IMEI Display the unique number of the terminal

GPS Tracker: Ultra Compact GNSS Location Tracking Device

The workers carry a GPS Tracker made by Akasakatec. It is lightweight, 59 grams.
For details, refer to: GPS Tracker