Docking Support System

Docking Support System for Passenger Ships and Sightseeing Boats

Supporting the Safe Operation of Passenger Ships and Sightseeing Boats.

A support device with on-screen displays of lake shore, piers, and the ship’s position, supporting safer operation and docking.

When a vessel is underway, its operator constantly checks buoys and the lake shore as position guides, checking the ship’s position while referring to displays on the instrument panel such as radar, adjusting the ship’s speed and angle to determine its course.

Even at times of poor visibility such as fog, the device allows the ship’s current position to be checked on screen, so the distance from buoys and the lake shore can be visually confirmed. In normal conditions the operation support device can be used with almost no operator supervision, and the on-screen diagram is displayed at an appropriate scale in accordance with the ship’s current position.


Utilization Scenarios ⇒ Supporting the Safe Operation of the New Vessel Royal II