GNSS Bulldozer Leveling Guidance System

TS/GNSS Compatible Bulldozer Leveling Machine Guidance

GPDozer is a bulldozer leveling guidance system employing an automatic guidance total station (Topcon made PS Series, QS Series, IS Series, GPT-9000A Series), and RTK-GNSS (including network type RTK-GNSS).
A computer mounted on the bulldozer shows in real time its current position and the actual and planned height of the earth levelled. The screen can also display the height difference in colors according to pre-set values, giving the operator a color-coded plan of work.

GPDozer メイン画面

Features and Functions

  • Real time work management and guidance
  • Display of current position and cutting and filling heights
  • Confirmation of route traveled
  • Compatible with RTK-OTF/network type RTK-GNSS (VRS etc.)
  • Compatible with Topcon made automatic tracking total stations
  • Compatible with the old Japanese geodetic system, World geodetic system and local site co-ordinates
  • Automatic set up of Topcon Legacy E+ and GB-3
  • Management block size can be specified to 50, 100, 150 or 200 cm
  • Polygon shaped work areas can be set to any form desired.
  • Work data regeneration function
  • Background diagram DXF import function
  • Report output: slope distribution map/ travel path diagram
  • Automatic GNSS setup

Original System Device

The power supply /IF unit “HPS-200” can also be docked with the Topcon made Legacy-E+, and GB-3 by fitting a wireless receiver. It can be mounted easily just by placing it on a platform in the cabin

HPS200Icon gpdozer011a

Power Supply/ IF Unit HPS-200