Ground Improvement System

Highly Accurate Position Recording, a Variety of Devices can be Used

GPGlove is a system that employs position data from RTK-GNSS, DGNSS, DGNSS compasses and automatic tracking total stations to display the positions of construction vehicles on a computer screen, provide guidance to target locations, and record movements.


In the main, the system allows guidance to and recording of the target installation positions, ground improvement and pile driving locations. It is also possible to print out performance screens recording the work.
Through the use of wireless LAN, the same screen can be displayed in separate locations such as the site office, as well as the in the leader (boom) operation booth, and systems can be constructed using a variety of devices in accordance with the work to be carried out.

While monitoring the computer screen, the operator guides the vehicle to the target work location, carries out the required work and records the operation. When the operation is being recorded, the screen shows a pre-set area filling in with color, providing a continuous progress check. Point guidance, simplified guidance, guidance using reference lines and guidance with freely set work boundaries can be performed.

Example of Screen

Pile driving location Pile driving depth
GPGlove011A GPGlove012A

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Example System Configuration

The devices used can be selected according to the work and cost of equipment.

  • DGNSS compass + GNSS receiver (DGNSS or RTK-GNSS) set up on top of the leader
  • DGNSS compass + Prism mirror (automatic tracking type TS) set up on top of the leader

Further variations are possible according to whether wireless LANs etc. are used. The guidance methods, guidance accuracy and system equipment costs will vary according to the system configuration.

Example using DGNSS compass + RTK-GNSS device


Example using DGNSS compass + TS device