Crane Height Limitation Management System

Improving the Safety of Crane Operations

Improving the Safety of Crane Operations
In construction work near airports, height limitation management of crane barge booms is essential to ensure the safety of aircraft. GPSkySafety is a system that uses a highly accurate RTK-GNSS, and allows crane construction operations to be carried out safely.


System Outline

The distance between GNSS antennas mounted on the tips of cranes used in the construction, and a set obstacle limitation surface is automatically calculated in real time. When there is a known point, a fixed GNSS station is set up and correction waves transmitted by wireless. When a fixed station cannot be used, it is possible to carry out network type RTK-GNSS measurement using a VRS (virtual reference station). Height and position accuracy can be managed within a range of 2cm.
At the crane operator’s seat the current altitude is visually displayed by special computer software. The operator moves the crane’s boom while referring to the height and clearance displayed on the screen. When the tip of the boom approaches the height limitation surface, warnings are issued by sound and screen display, alerting the operator and supervisors.


*Any NMEA compatible GNSS receiver can be used, irrespective of manufacturer.
*This system can be used both for operations on land and offshore.

Example System Configuration


Topcon HiPerSR