Cabin Information Monitor

Information Display Device for Passenger Ships and Sightseeing Boats

Visually Displays Estimated Arrival Times and Tourist Information


The cabin information monitors are particularly helpful for elderly passengers or the hard of hearing, and provide information such as estimated arrival time, current position etc.

When schedule changes due to fog occur, up-to-date information is provided to passengers by map display as well as voice.
The system contributes to passenger safety by including information and instructions on emergency escape routes and life-saving equipment.

In the Cabins


Onboard monitors display up-to-date information about the ship in real time.

On the Bridge


Monitors are all managed from a touch panel computer. The touch panel’s easy operation means that it can be used without interfering with the safe operation of the ship by the crew members. It can wall-mounted to save space.

Utilization Scenarios ⇒ Supporting the Safe Operation of the New Vessel Royal II