Worker Crew Safety Monitoring System

Worker crew safety monitoring system

This monitoring system can detect the position of workers on a marine operation vessel such as a dredger, and confirm that there are no workers in the crane turning range or hazardous area.

By having a worker carry a GPS Tracker, the operator can check the position of the worker displayed on the monitor.
If a worker enters a preset hazardous area, it will be informed by alert display or warning sound on the monitor.
You can also set up to notify of abnormalities such as the worker does not move or falls into the sea.

Monitoring screen

Setting area
On the PC screen, work vessel, barge, and color-coded monitoring areas are displayed.
Shallows and reefs can be set as hazardous areas.

Worker list

Worker icon
Can be choose to display the worker icon or the name of the worker.
By setting the color for each worker, you can easily distinguish them.

GPS Tracker: Ultra Compact GNSS Location Tracking Device

The workers carry a GPS Tracker made by Akasakatec. It is lightweight, 59 grams.
For details, refer to: GPS Tracker