Smart-GPMate: Android Smartphone Application
regolith: Cloud GNSS Measurement Management System

A Cloud GNSS measurement system compatible with Android smartphones. The data measured is automatically sent to a Cloud server, and data can be uniformly managed in the Cloud. As the site measurement data is uploaded to the server in real time, measurement and normal operations can be conducted simultaneously.
To reduce set-up operations at the site, basic settings such as known point co-ordinate registration for stake-out measurement can be performed using the office computer.
Highly accurate network type RTK measurements can easily be carried out by any employee.

“The Regolith” cloud application is based on FOSS4G (Free & Open Source Software for Geospatial), and is a next generation measurement management system for utilization of open data.

Applications of SmartGPMate and regolith


General surveying: earthworks and construction surveying, construction site pile driving and cut and fill height measurement, boundary measurement
Surveys: Agricultural land surveys, mountain and forest surveys, maritime surveys, environmental surveys
Management of underground facilities: locating underground facilities such as water and sewage pipes, gas pipes, electricity and data cables; taking measurements for installation of new facilities.

The measurement data is displayed in real time over a base map layer. The base map layer can be switched between map and aerial photograph views.
Data can be output in the standard GIS shape file format, or CSV or SIMA formats. Areas and line lengths can be checked on the screen.

System Schema


Features and Functions

  • Compatible with network type RTK (Jenoba VRS)
  • Connection without cables to Bluetooth compatible GNSS devices
  • Compatible with public co-ordinates and geoid models
  • Compatible with Topcon’s GNSS receiver automatic setup
  • Google Maps used for the base layer map
  • No need to perform computer installation

A Diverse Menu of Measuring Options


For use on new measuring points, such as “stake-out measurement” which leads to known co-ordinates, and “lateral line measurement” which leads to lateral lines, as well as general measurement modes.

In general measurement mode, measurements can be taken in point, line and polygon layers. Each layer’s name and attributes can be registered individually, and layers can be selected at the time of measurement.
Stake-out measurement, as well as displaying the top-down co-ordinates and the current position, provides guidance by displaying the displaced distance in both the north-south and east-west directions.
In lateral line measurement, guidance is provided by displaying distances to the start point, mid-point and end point, as well as the distance displaced to the left or right of the line.

Measurement in progressregolith04D Layer selection
Stake-out measurement
Lateral line measurement

Setting Menu

GNSS receiver settings
RTK mobile station automatic set up: Topcon’s GNSS receiver automatic set up function can be used.
Compatible with NMEA, so it can be used with other GNSS receivers
Also, in the measurement conditions it is possible to set PDOP and RMS thresholds, as well as the GNSS positioning status and measurement frequency.

Co-ordinate system settings
Compatible with public co-ordinates and the UTM co-ordinate system.
Compatible with Geospatial Information Authority of Japan geodic models required for altitude measurement.

NetWorkRTK settings
Allows registration of Jenoba’s NetWork account information.
Connects automatically when measurement is started.

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