System-Five 3D

Bulldozer Machine Control System

Integrated Management from Design to Work Implementation. A IT-based Control System for Construction Machinery

An advanced IT construction system – Greatly reduces operations required at the work site for pile-driving and staking.
A machine control system that collates three-dimensional design data with the position of construction machinery drawn up from GNSS or automatic tracking total station data, and controls the hydraulic pressure of the machinery in accordance with the design data, allowing automatic works operation to be performed. Using GNSS and three dimensional design data, the system automatically controls the tilt and height of the blades of bulldozers and other machinery, and indicates direction. It is suited for rough work operations carried out over a wide area. Also, by using GNSS, it is possible to manage multiple construction machines at the same time.

System Configuration


Features and Functions

  • Touch panel, intuitive operation
  • Control can be turned on and off as desired using a remote switch.
  • High precision automatic control makes it possible to shape complex terrains such as troughs and ridges.
  • Upgrades available to higher level models
  • Smooth linkage with design data is possible by using CF cards or USB memory.
  • Compatible with mmGNSS systems.
  • Data can be shared with GNSS measuring systems.


System Five-3D mmGNSS

Until now, “height accuracy” was the biggest problem in using RTK measurement or machine control in earthworks and measurement. Now, Topcon has integrated GNSS and laser technology to create “Millimeter GNSS”, integrating dramatically improved height accuracy into the machine control system


System Five-3D Dual GNSS+

System Five-3D Dual GNSS+ continuously detects the direction of movement of machinery by using two GNSS receivers. The system provides the operator with precise information, even allowing for the forward and reverse movement of the blade.


System Five-3D Single GNSS+

System Five-3D Single GNSS+ allows automatic blade control. The system can even automatically handle designs which incorporate complicated undulations.

System Five-3Di GNSS

System Five-3Di GNSS+ is an indication system with very high cost performance. It allows instant confirmation of the blade position on the control box display.

Optional Software 3D-Office (sold separately)

3D-Office is office software for System Five-3D. It reads all data used on-site, uploading into the control box only that data which is essential for site operations. It can be linked with the earthworks RTK survey system “Pocket-3D”, making possible unitary management of surveying and successful operations overall at the site.