Land Construction


Ground Improvement System. Highly Accurate Position Recording, a Variety of Devices can be Used.


GNSS Bulldozer Leveling Guidance System. TS/GNSS Compatible Bulldozer Leveling Machine Guidance.


Crane Height Limitation Management System. Improving the Safety of Crane Operations.


Pile-driving Rebound Measurement System. Quantitatively Measures the Amount of Driving Rebound to the Bearing Layer.

System-Five 3D

Bulldozer Machine Control System. A IT-based Control System for Construction Machinery.

3D-MC GNSS Shovel 3Dxi

Advanced IT Construction System which Integrating GNSS (GPS+GLONASS) Technology and 3D Design Data

Topcon GLS-2000

3D Laser Scanner. Multiple range laser scanner for wide range of applications.

Topcon GT Series

Auto-tracking, Auto-collimating. The Next Generation Total Station.

Topcon PS series

Total Station. Automatic tracking, automatic collimation total station PS series.

Topcon IS3

Next generation image total station which for efficient scan of 3D data.