Land Construction


GNSS Bulldozer Leveling Guidance System. TS/GNSS Compatible Bulldozer Leveling Machine Guidance.


Crane Height Limitation Management System. Improving the Safety of Crane Operations.


Using ultra compact GPS tracker, support location management of vehicle/ship, worker, elderly person/children etc.


Pile-driving Rebound Measurement System. Quantitatively Measures the Amount of Driving Rebound to the Bearing Layer.

System-Five 3D

Bulldozer Machine Control System. A IT-based Control System for Construction Machinery.

awaveSIM(M2M 向けSIMカード)

M2M 向けSIM カード awaveSIM (エーウェーブ・シム) M2Mに最適。アプリケーションとSIMをセットでご提供 awaveSIM は、NTTドコモFOMA/Xi網を利用した、モバイルインターネット通信サービ […]

3D-MC GNSS Shovel 3Dxi

Advanced IT Construction System which Integrating GNSS (GPS+GLONASS) Technology and 3D Design Data

Topcon GLS-2000

3D Laser Scanner. Multiple range laser scanner for wide range of applications.

Topcon GT Series

Auto-tracking, Auto-collimating. The Next Generation Total Station.

Topcon PS series

Total Station. Automatic tracking, automatic collimation total station PS series.