Marine Construction


Durable multi-function terminal that comes with the Android OS. It can run a wide variety of work site , and through the use of original applications.

GPS Tracker

Ultra compact GNSS location tracking device. Built-in GPS, 3G communication module. Automatically send the current position of the tracker.


Using ultra compact GPS tracker, support location management of vehicle/ship, worker, elderly person/children etc.


GNSS Depth-Sounding System. Synchronizes, Displays and Records GNSS Position Data and Sounding Values from Echo Sounders.


GNSS Glove Ship Guidance Management System. Highly Accurate Position Recording, Usable with a Variety of Devices.


Crane Barge Height Limitation Management System. Improving the Safety of Crane Operations.


Caisson Automatic Water Injection Control System. Automated Pump Control for Caisson Water Injection Operations.

Koukou MSCO/ DRA Musuko

Traffic Disaster Prevention System. Ensuring the Safe Movement of Vessels in Harbor Construction Operations.


Support Systems for Vessel Operations and Maritime Construction. Improving Safety in Maritime Traffic; and Operational Support.


Integrated Inclinometer. Just Place on a Surface to Measure Tilting to an Accuracy of .001 Degrees.