DGNSS Ship Operation Performance Measurement System / Report Output Software

Easily Measure Ship Performance and Compile Reports


The system uses high accuracy DGNSS position measuring functions to measure the speed and motion of ships.
Together with measurement of velocity and the course traveled, measurement data such as gyroscope data, wind direction and wind speed is also recorded.
Then, using the post processing software “PostProcess”, the recorded data can be corrected for tidal currents and reports, and other documents can also be compiled.

System Features

  • No limits on ocean trial operation areas
  • Not influenced by weather conditions
  • Same day measurement result output
  • No need for a large number of measurement personnel onboard
  • Reports can be promptly compiled


Trial Types

  • Speed trial
  • Turning circle trial
  • Crash stop astern trial
  • Inertia trial
  • Z maneuvering trial
  • Bow thruster trial
  • Spiral/ reverse spiral trial*
  • Williamson’s turn*
  • Low speed trial*/ Steerability trial* etc.


Differential GNSS (DGNSS) Measurement

AStep1LT uses highly accurate DGNSS positioning to measure speed and operating performance.
Together with speed and tracking measurement, the system also records measurement data such as wind speed, wind direction and gyroscope data.
Using the post processing software “PostProcess”, the recorded data can be used for tidal correction and compiling reports and other documents.

Total Compatibility with Windows 10

ASpte-1LT and PostProcess are totally compatible with Windows 10, so the latest computer models can be used.

VDR and LAN Connectivity

Compatible with VDRs (voyage data recorders) and also can be connected to LANs. No special tools are needed, measurement can be started just by inserting a cable into the LAN port.

GNSS Compass V113 Compatible

Compatible with Hemisphere’s GNSS compass V113. Set-up is automatic and measurement can also be carried out on vessels not fitted with gyroscopes.

Connection Example (VDR and Ethernet connection)

The required signals can be captured simply by connecting a LAN cable to the VDR’s maintenance port. Very few cables are required, and measurement can be commenced without complicated connections or need for special tools.


Example of Documents Output Using PostProcess

PostProcess outputs documents in Excel format. Editing of the automatically prepared documents, such as layout adjustments and the addition of comments and labels, can be done easily.