Bent inclination observation system

Real time monitoring of bent and piers tilt. Detects the possibility of serious accident caused by collapse etc. in advance to prevent accidents.

System Image

Warning when the bent tilts more than the specified angle (Rotation warning light / Alarm mail).

Install on the railway bridge and monitor the tilt



  • Install tilt sensor on bent and pier, transmit tilt data (2 axes) wirelessly.
  • Receive data with radio set installed at site office. Data can be viewed in real time on a personal computer using special software.
  • The measurement range of the inclination sensor is ± 5 degrees.
  • Up to 8 observation stations can be observed simultaneously for each receiving station.(The number of observable stations that can be connected depends on the data update interval.)


  • On-site equipment consists of radio equipment, junction box and inclination sensor, and has waterproof performance. Cable between equipment is variable length, highly flexible installation.
  • Each device size is compact and easy to install, lower cost than conventional products.
  • Operates with AC 100 V power supply.
  • At the office, data can be viewed on a personal computer.
  • By installing antenna box between observation station and receiving station, relay function can also be used (2 steps).
  • Radio equipment conforms to technical standards. Licenses and applications are unnecessary.

Data browsing software


  • Measurement points, graph display, time axis can be changed (1 hour up to 1 month)
  • Graph display only for specified observation stations, time axis can be changed (1 hour up to 1 month).
  • Function of rotation warning light by threshold (option, three-step switchable).
  • Alarm mail transmission function (maximum 5 places).
  • Inclination data recording.
  • Data offset correspondence after installation.


Inclinometer specification


Measurement range ±5°
Minimuml resolution 0.001°
Linearity ±5.00°<0.06°
Repeatability <0.05°
Operation temperature ‐40℃~+85℃
Protection level IP‐67 aluminum
Mass 280g
External dimensions W84×D70×H31mm(other than protrusions) Mounting holes
Vibration resistance 5G,10~150Hz,20min
Impact resistance 30G,11m

Radio specification


Wireless type 920MHz specified low power radio
Antenna powe 20mW
(reference)Communication range 500m


  • Sensor installation location must be horizontal.
  • Even in the case of a tilted bent, the measurement range is ± 5 degrees from the horizontal.
  • AC power supply is required for each observation station.
  • Since 920 MHz band radio is used for data transmission, there must be no equipment that emits radio waves in the vicinity.
  • There must be no obstacles between the observation station and the receiving station.