Management System for Gas Authority Patrol Checking on Other Works Operations

This system is designed for gas maintenance operations. It is a patrol system to protect gas pipes from damage due to other construction operations.

Status of Patrol

Current position information is sent from smartphones at regular intervals, so the progress of patrol operations can be checked on.


Route Information, Patrol Schedule

By registering patrol route information, patrol officers can use a smartphone to manage other works operations in progress on each route.

Navigational Voice Guidance to Important Locations

If important locations (suspension type protection etc.) are pre-registered, a voice alert will be emitted when a patrol approaches the location. An alert is also issued when approaching other locations where operations are in progress.


Other Works Operations Made Easy to See

Because information on past operations is displayed on the map in different colors, the status of other works operations can be checked visually with one look.

Reports on Other Works Operations by Smartphone

Simply by sending reports by smartphone, managers can keep up to date in real time on the progress of other works operations. Reports allow for easy input of photographs, GNSS position data, type of work and the name of the company carrying out the work.。

By storing details of past works operations (company name, location of work, whether or not enquiries regarding gas pipe locations were made before operations began, photographs etc.) the information can be used to analyze works operations where enquiries regarding gas pipe locations have not been made (area, company name), and also used when considering changes to the frequency of patrols.

Compilation of Survey Reports

Contents of reports are saved on the server, and can be printed out as performance reports.