Integrated Inclinometer

Just Place on a Surface to Measure Tilting to an Accuracy of .001 Degrees


GPClino is a system that can remotely measure the tilt of structures simply by being placed on a surface. It is delivered in a package consisting of a high-precision 2-axis inclinometer, SS wireless, battery and measurement software.
It allows the orientation of structures being towed or installed to be accurately monitored in safety.

Special software

Features and Functions

  • Can perform measurement just by being placed on a surface.
  • Incorporates an axis tilt sensor, battery and SS wireless.
  • Comes with special measurement software.
  • Tilt resolution of 0.001 degrees, no calibration required.
  • Uses special low power wireless with a communication range of 1 kilometer


  • Sensor, battery and wireless are all integrated into one unit, making it easy to transport. No connecting wires are needed, measurement can be performed simply by placing the unit on the structure.
  • Measurement values can be checked remotely, so there is no need to enter the structure, further improving safety.

Utilization Scenarios


  • Monitoring the orientation of objects being towed.
  • Orientation monitoring during large-scale structure installation operations such as for caissons or bridge supports.

Refer to “Smart-Caisson”

Main Specifications

Type GPClino
Tilt sensor Specifications 2 axis tilt sensor
Measurement range ±30°
Resolution 0.001°
Repeatability 0.05°
Precision 0.03°~0.3°
Cross axis error 1.4 %
Response frequency 2.0 Hz
Wireless Type 1.2G band special low power wireless
Antenna power 10mW (+20% ‐50%)
Interface RS232C (for settings)
Operation temperature range 0℃ to 45℃
Continuous operation time Over 10 hours
Power supply (rechargeable battery) AC 100V
Form Dimensions(mm) 276×186×130(not including antenna and protrusions)
Weight About 3.1 kg

* Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice.