GNSS Glove Ship Guidance Management System

Highly Accurate Position Recording, Usable with a Variety of Devices

GPGlove is a system which, by using position data from RTK-GNSS, DGNSS, DGNSS compasses, and automatic tracking total stations, displays the current locations of ships performing works operations (grab dredgers, sand spreaders etc.) on a computer screen, guides the ship to the target site, and also carries out recording.

GPGlove 使用風景

Mainly, the system can guide ships to target points for reef installations and recording of installation positions, as well as guidance to, and recording of, dredging sites. In addition, the screen showing the progress of operations and recorded data can be printed out.

By using a wireless LAN, the same screen can be viewed and used for operations, not only in the boom control room, but also in locations used for winch operations, such as the bridge, and the system can be configured using devices selected to meet the needs of the user’s work operations.

System Configuration

System Configuration

Devices can be selected in accordance with the work to be performed and equipment costs.

  • DGNSS compass only
  • DGNSS compass + RTK-GNSS receiver mounted on a work barge
  • DGNSS compass + a boom top GNSS receiver (DGNSS or RTK-GNSS)
  • 2 GNSS receivers mounted on the work barge (DGNSS or RTK-GNSS)
  • DGNSS compass + a prism reflector (TS) mounted on the work barge
  • DGNSS compass + a boom top prism reflector (TS)

System Configuration Example

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