Nautical Mail System

Original Email Software Designed for Nautical Vessels

HonsenMail is an original software product designed for nautical vessels.
It allows for easy, fast and safe Internet email on board.

The use of high compression technology for communications data reduces costs compared to normal email software. Linked with an Internet fax service, can be used with almost the same ease as faxes have been handled previously.
It can be used without having to choose between communications devices or services such as NetBreeze, Inmarsat satellite communication, or NTT’s Docomo Widestar II.


Simple, Easy Operation

Easy to use, and with large easy-to-read text, it can be quickly used by any crew member, without needing to be familiar with computer operation.


Same Operation for All OS Versions

Windows standard email software programs such as Outlook and Windows Live differ in how they are used with different versions of Windows. However, because HonsenMail is an original software product, it can be used as it is in any environment. By using a single USB sentinel key, the same email account can soon be set up on a different computer.
*Compatible with Windows 7/8/10


Reduces the Ship Communications Officer’s Work Load

Because settings for mail accounts are all managed together on the server, there is no need for settings to be made using a computer on the ship. No longer will it be necessary to make special trips ashore to resolve email problems.

Data Compression

Normal email systems burden emails with a large volume of invisible data, such as header and encoding data. HonsenMail not only excludes such unnecessary data using its own proprietary email format, but also compresses data when being sent or received. This reduces the number of data packets, resulting in shorter transmission times.

Use it in Place of a Fax Machine

Faxes sent from on shore are printed on paper on board, as before.
Faxes sent from on board are scanned using the printer’s scan function, and sent as attachments by HonsenMail.