ORSS Information Sharing System for Local Governments

Disaster Prevention Information Tool; Making Local Information More Visible

ORSS uses smartphones to gather wide-ranging local information on such matters as facilities repairs and resident requests, and displays it on a map.
The system is designed as an information tool to quicken response times when disaster strikes, but is also a useful everyday application. The data collected every day is accumulated as big data and can be reused in future local projects or for problem resolution.


Easy Report by Smartphone

ORSS is a simple system which combines smartphone and Web applications. Staff members can automatically send reports including GNSS position information, simply by starting up a smartphone application, inputting information using a simple selection type method, and taking photographs. Reported information is stored safely and securely in the Cloud.

Everyday Reporting Tool, Making Local Information More Visible

Reports from field staff such as repairs to institutions and facilities, reports from regular patrols, and requests from residents are gathered in one location and shown on the map, making it possible to check the current situation in the area. Because it is equipped with a GIS engine the occurrence and distribution of events can be made visible on a map.

Web Portal Screen

The Web portal screen allows the current local situation to be viewed on a map, which displays information from reports made over the last few hours, together with positioning information such as the location of patrol cars. The ability to link to other sites such as those of the fire department, city office, ward offices, and private weather forecasting companies, means that all necessary information can be accessed from one screen.


Provision of Information Rock Slides, Bridge Vibration and Rising Water Levels and Other Dangers

The portal screen can also display information from sensors detecting rockslides, landslides, bridge vibrations, water levels and rainfall, making it easy to issue warnings to staff members and to share information on the location and status of dangerous situations.。

Important disaster prevention locations

ORSS can gather and share information not only in response to situations and resident requests, but also as part of everyday accident prevention. For example, information on locations with a high fire risk can be sent to ORSS, so that, if an emergency occurs, photographic and video information is already at hand to accurately communicate the situation.


Occurrence of a Major Disaster

In the event of major disaster, data transmission makes it possible to share information on the extent of damage, evacuation routes, the numbers of evacuees, the safety and whereabouts of personnel, and request for urgent supplies. The necessary information is constantly updated on the map, allowing smooth sharing of information with authorities and rescue services.