Pile-driving Rebound Measurement System

Quantitatively Measures the Amount of Driving Rebound to the Bearing Layer

In above ground pile-driving operations using pile drivers, P-Site measures the amount of rebound from the pile-driving impact, and determines the degree of driving inhibition on the bearing layer.
Up until now methods for measuring the extent of rebound involved attaching a recording implement directly to the pile and recording the rebound by hand, and could not be said to extremely accurate.
This pile-driving rebound measurement system makes use of fast image analysis utilizing a high speed camera, and allows real time measurement of the extent of pile rebound.

System Outline

A mark is painted on the head of the pile, and a high-speed camera photographs the vertical change in position of the mark and records it. The results are displayed on a computer screen using a graph, allowing judgement as to whether the extent of rebound is appropriate or not.