RINQ for HDT280

RINQ GNSS correction information distribution service

RINQ(RTCM Internet Neo Query) is a GNSS correction information distribution service for HDT280.
HDT280 can be used as a distribution station for GNSS correction information, and HDT280 on the mobile station side can use highly accurate one-frequency RTK positioning with correction information.

System Schema


Delivery of correction wave from base station to multiple stations

By using correction information distribution, vehicles and movable equipments can be operated with more accurate position information.
By installing only one base station, delivery to many receiving units is possible. Multiple base stations become unnecessary, and capital investment can be reduced more than before.

Case 1: Construction site
WEB distribution of correction information is possible from one base station to multiple construction sites (within about 10 km) or to multiple mobile stations (HDT280) at the same construction site.

Case 2: Train service
Accurately grasping the current location of the trains. Realize quick safety confirmation by on-time management.

Case 3: Airport
Automatic connection of multiple boarding bridges can be done with only one base station. This will reduce capital investment.
On-time management of work vehicles improves safety and work efficiency.
(*RTF300 GNSS receiver is used. Scheduled to be released in the summer of 2018.)


  • Privacy crowd type relative position fixing system achieves centimeter accuracy.
  • Easy installation of base stations and mobile stations. Both the base station and the mobile station have a simple configuration of only the HDT280 and the GNSS antenna.
  • Since 3T / LTE communication built in HDT280 is used, radio equipment is unnecessary. There is no problem of radio interference.
  • One base station can support up to 999 mobile stations.
  • Mobile stations can use up to 2 GNSS (GPS+GLONASS or GPS+BeiDou).
  • Use Akasakatech Cloud Service for sending and receiving correction information.
  • Single-frequency RTK-GNSS position fixing data is output as NMEA0183, and it can be used with Android applications running in HDT280.
  • Output of NMEA sentence is possible. (Maximum 5 Hz) (GGA, GNS, GSA, GSV, RMC, VTG, ZDA)

*Position fixing accuracy varies with baseline length.
*This service can be used within the 3G / LTE communication area.

Difference from conventional network type positioning

  • By using RINQ, the bias between the reference point antenna and the mobile station antenna is offset.
  • Being private cloud type, BeiDou’s correction information can be used by switching the settings on the base station side.
  • By using the BeiDou satellite, the number of available satellites in East Asia, Southeast Asia and India will greatly increase in the future.
  • By adopting REST API of HTTP protocol, the scaled out of the cloud server is simple and easy as the number of mobile stations increases.

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