Ground improvement management system for HDT 280

According to the guide instruction of the screen, determine the piling position

Data set by “SmartPile WEB” from the office will be downloaded when starting the construction machine side HDT280 “SmartPile”.
The operator can carry out the piling operation simply by operating according to the setting data.
It will lead to saving labor for managers and operators by quickly exchanging with the site via the cloud server, streamlining and speeding up operations by unifying data.



  • Since Android terminal HDT280 has two built-in RTK GNSS receivers, it is possible to build a system with HDT 280 alone.
  • Accuracy of centimeter order is realized by guiding with RTK GNSS 2 units.
  • HDT280 incorporates a communication function and uploads construction data each time. It is unnecessary to bring recorded data to the office with external memory etc.
  • Via the Web you can set up heavy machinery and construction sites, and output forms. With the Internet environment, you can manage progress from anywhere.

Target setting methods

  • Method of entering target coordinates in advance.
  • Method of entering the shift amount based on the two piles on site.

RINQ: Single-frequency GNSS correction information distribution service (option)

Achieve centimeter accuracy by Single-frequency GNSS correction information
RINQ(RTCM Internet Neo Query) is a GNSS correction information distribution service for HDT280.
HDT280 can be used as a distribution station for GNSS correction information, and HDT280 on the mobile station side can use highly accurate single-frequency RTK positioning with correction information.
Refer to RINQ for HDT280

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