Support System for Safe Operation of Cruisers and Yachts

For Safer Cruising!


Talisman is a system for marina managers which supports the safe operation of cruisers and yachts.

A ship at sea faces many dangers including shoals, set nets and fishing implements.
Talisman issues a warning from the user’s smartphone when a dangerous area is approached, alerting the crew to the danger, helping to prevent accidents before they occur.

Easy Installation


Taking a smartphone with a special app on board the yacht or cruiser is all that is needed to provide this degree of safety.
The crew simply logs in by inputting the vessel number, no other operations are required.

New Pec Data Display

TALISMAN スマートフォン画面

Talisman determines nautical chart displays and warning areas based on New Pec data provided by the Japanese Hydrographic Association.
New Pec data is updated 4 times a year, so reflects the latest nautical information at all times.

As well as the vessel’s current position, shoal warning areas and fishing areas are displayed on maps on a smartphone in layers.
Because the nautical information is downloaded to the smartphone, alerts can be issued even when the vessel is in areas with poor smartphone signal reception.


In addition to warning areas based on New Pec data, it is also possible to pre-set areas of the user’s choice.
The crew can then be alerted when the vessel approaches a high-risk area or accident black-spot.

Sound Alert

Based on the current speed, the system calculates the position of the vessel after 30 seconds and 1 minute, and if there is a risk of entering a danger area (a shoal warning area or fishing area) a sound alert is emitted from the smartphone.
In order to prevent the warning sound from being drowned out by engine or other noise while the vessel is moving through the water, a sound alert at maximum volume is emitted from connected Bluetooth speakers. A flashing light can also be used as an optional extra.

Marina Manager Function

For marina managers, the Web management screen lists the current positions and conditions of boats in the marina area. The position of any accidents are displayed on a map, making prompt initial response possible.
The ability to display detailed New Pec data on the web management screen makes it useful for preventing and analyzing accidents.
TALISMAN マリーナ管理者Web画面 NEWPECレイヤー