Dump Truck Operation Management System

Vehicle Reliability and Safety, Higher Quality Works Operations

VasMap supports the safe operation and efficient movement of construction site vehicles.
The system incorporates a voice guidance system for construction vehicle drivers, and allows surveillance of adherence to speed limits and real time monitoring of vehicle placement.

NETIS Registration Number: QS-160016-VE (Japanese)
New Technology Information System of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

System Configuration

The system requires only a personal computer connected to the internet in the site office.
The vehicle terminal just needs to be placed on the dashboard and connected to a power supply.


Support for Safe Driving and Safe Management

Voice Alarm


Danger spots (KY map) are alerted and course direction is given by voice commands.
Danger spots can be set as required using the management web application.

Surveillance of Adherence to Speed Limits


A course is pre-set and an upper value (threshold value) for the speed limit is set.
If a vehicle driving on the course exceeds the speed limit, a voice from the vehicle terminal warns the driver by saying “You are going too fast, please slow down!” The speed infringement is also transmitted to the server.

Vehicle Position Management/ Journey History Management


Position data is transmitted from moving vehicles every minute. The map also displays operational information, such as the condition of the vehicle, the last report, infringements etc.
Vehicles journeys can be recorded, making it possible to check they are following the prescribed course, and to identify locations where infringements occur.

Useful Functions Designed to Meet the Needs of the Work Place

Automatic Area Identification


When a vehicle enters a previously specified area, operational reports such as “vehicle has arrived”, and “soil loaded” are automatically registered.
Automatic daily compilation of the data means the operator only needs to drive, and not worry about other tasks.



Emergency messages, and notifications to operators regarding course changes etc , can be input as required and sent to vehicles.



Operational details such as loading and unloading can be automatically compiled into daily reports. The day’s journey history is also displayed automatically in the daily reports, and as they are exported in Microsoft Excel format, they can be added to and expanded.

Immediate Notification via LINE

It can notify the over speed alarm or specified point passing via LINE.
Just by registering it in a smartphone etc. in advance, information can be sent immediately to the manager, the director, etc., and you can deal with it promptly.

Weigh-bridge Linkage (Option)

VasMap トラックスケール連動

Linkage to weigh-bridges is also provided.
The weight of the load at loading time is automatically recorded, and sent to the server. Lists of vehicles are output as well as transport manifests including loads carried. These can be used to manage overloading and transportation performance.

Driving Concentration Support Device (Option)


The MDAS-3LF lane change warning system tells the driver, by an aural alarm and LED lights, if the vehicle has moved out of its lane while traveling without the turn indicators being turned on.
The system prevents accidents caused by inattention such as falling asleep at the wheel, and not watching the road.

Vehicle Distance Warning

Using a virtual gate, it is possible to check if a vehicle is traveling at a prescribed distance behind the vehicle in front.
If the distance between the vehicles is less than the prescribed distance, a warning is sent to the operator and the site manager.
(* Only available H-21 handy terminal)
vasmap302_eVasMap_H21_SH-21 handy terminal

Wet Concrete Management (Option)


The volume of wet concrete to be transported can be managed in real time, just by pre-setting the locations of the concrete plant and the site where the concrete is to be laid, and operating the vehicles as usual.
(* Only available H-21 handy terminal)