Durable multi-function terminal that comes with the Android OS. It can run a wide variety of work site , and through the use of original applications.

GPS Tracker

Ultra compact GNSS location tracking device. Built-in GPS, 3G communication module. Automatically send the current position of the tracker.


Using ultra compact GPS tracker, support location management of vehicle/ship, worker, elderly person/children etc.


Highly Accurate Position Measurement, Compact GPS Logger with Built-in Battery.

EagleEye 変位計測システム

Displacement Measurement System. Measures Land Slips and Structural Oscillation with Millimeter Precision.


Management System for Gas Authority Patrol Checking on Other Works Operations. Patrol System to Protect Gas Pipes from Damage Due to Other Construction Operations.


Information Sharing System for Local Governments. Disaster Prevention Information Tool; Making Local Information More Visible.


Weather Observation Device Using the Cloud. Weather Conditions and Damage can be Checked in Real Time from the Office.

Seco Accessories

We are an official reseller for the long-established surveying accessory manufacturer Seco, of the United States.