HDT280 Heavy duty terminal

現場専用 ダブルGNSS IOT Androidデバイス




高精度GNSSセンサーモジュールを2基搭載。全地球航法衛星システム(GPS / GLONASS / Beidou / SBAS / QZSS)に対応。

"Smart Measurement with Double GNSS"
Equipped with 2 single-frequency RKT-GNSS units. 2 high-precision GNSS sensor modules. Compatible with the Global Navigation Satellite System.
Delivers centimeter-level positioning accuracy and works also as a high-precision compass.


MIL規格(MIL-STD810G)準拠、塩水噴霧規格(ASTM B-117)準拠


現場でのヘビーデューティな環境を前提とした堅牢設計。米国国防総省の軍用規格(MIL-STD810G) 耐振動・耐衝撃性能に準拠。
IP67の防水規格だけでなく、海上・沿岸での環境も想定し、塩水噴霧規格(ASTM B-117)にも準拠。

"Tough Enough for Work Sites"
Robust design suited to the demanding environment of work sites. Conforms to the shock-proof and vibration-proof military standard (MIL-STD810G) of the United States Department of Defense. Conforms also to the IP67 waterproof standard, and to the salt spray standard (ASTM B-117) for equipment used in marine and coastal environments.


3G/LTE Quad-Core Android


IoT時代を牽引する存在として、5-band LTEモジュールを標準装備。通信安定性/セキュリティを重視したAndroidOSを搭載し、常時クラウド接続環境を提供。LTE/GNSSは、内蔵アンテナのほか、屋外アンテナにも対応し、設置自由度を拡大。
Wi-Fi(802.11 b/g/n)/Bluetooth4.0+LEの通信機能を搭載し、あらゆるセンサー・デバイスを集約し高性能なIoTセントラル・デバイスとしてシステムに組み込まれます。

"Designed for IoT and the Cloud"
Designed for the IoT era, the HDT280 is equipped with a 5-band LTE module as standard. Equipped with an Android OS emphasizing communication stability and security, providing a constant cloud connection environment. LTE/GNSS can be used with either an internal or external antenna, providing greater setup location freedom.
Equipped with a Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n)/Bluetooth 4.0+LE communications function, the HDT280 integrates various sensors and devices into a system that makes it a high-performance, central IoT device.


豊富な物理ポート/インターフェイス 防水コネクタ仕様

物理的に繋がる 豊富な物理ポート/インターフェイス 防水コネクタ仕様


"Large Number of Physical Ports and Interfaces. Waterproof Connector Specifications"
Provides USB (Type A) ports x2, RS232C, RS422, Ethernet, and CAN (NMEA2000) ports with waterproof connector specifications.
With no need for troublesome adapters, the HDT280 can be used alone to connect securely with external devices.


高輝度モニタ LED搭載 大音量スピーカ 内蔵バッテリー

"Functions and Performance Essential at Work Sites"
High brightness monitor: The 1000cd/m2 high brightness monitor provides excellent visibility even in bright environments, making it well suited for outdoor use.
High volume speaker: Equipped with a high volume speaker that can achieve a loudness level of 80 dB at a distance of 1 meter.
LED equipped: LEDs of three different colors light up to call attention to current conditions, indicating that everything is normal or issuing emergency alerts.
Built-in battery: 5200 mAh battery provides approx. 3.5 hours of operation time. Operation can be maintained even in environments with unstable electricity supply.





"Customization / SDK Provided"
An SDK is provided for control of the large number of interfaces and devices that may be fitted to the HDT280.
If you have Android application development skills, you can customize the HDT280 as an original IoT device that makes full uses of HDT280.


* Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice.