Millimeter Wave Radar Module

24GHz/77GHz/79Ghz Millimeter wave radar module

The object is detected on the surface by the reflected wave of the projected radar. It can be gotten the distance to the object, its velocity, and its relative angle.
This is the same system used as an autonomous vehicle radar. Because of its excellent cost performance, it began being adopted in other fields.
Depending on the purpose, you can adjust the projection width and detection distance.


  • High precision measurement of the object (distance, speed, angle).
  • Long distance detection is also possible (up to 200 m).
  • Lower cost than conventional products. Can be provided from 1 unit.
  • Dust and waterproof performance : IP-67 standard.


Standard product
Frequency 24.15GHz 79GHz
Measuring distance 0.1M-10M 10M-30M
Angle of view H:5、V:20 H:100、V:30
Accuracy (+-)0.1M 0.5M-1M
Target detection >1 16 object
Output format RS485 CANbus
Data output RS485、Relay output Raw Data (Distance,speed,Dx,Dy)

Examples of use

Detection of approach to heavy machinery
Detecting target distance by radar attached to heavy machinery. Depending on the distance, different signals will signal the approach.

Collision avoidance between cranes, vehicles, etc.
A radar installed at the lower part of the transfer crane detects objects and prevents collision in the invisibility area.

Vessel berthing support system
By installing a millimeter wave radar on the pier and detecting the distance to the ship, it prevents collision accidents when berthing.
It can also be used in rain or fog weather conditions.


Depending on the purpose, it is possible to customize the detection distance, angle, accuracy, output format, etc.

Examples A : Approach to heavy machinery 1 B : Approach to heavy machinery 2 C : Vessel berthing
Frequency 24.15GHz 77GHz 24.15GHz
Measuring distance 20M 50M-160M 200M-250M
Angle of view H:20、V:5 H:80、V:12 H:20、V:5
Accuracy (+-)0.1M 0.5M-1M (+-)0.1M<
Target detection >1 16 Object 16 Object
Output format RS-485 to Relay UART/RS-232 RS-232
Data output 5M,10M Range Relay output Serial Data Protocol Serial Data Protocol