Nautical Internet Communications Device

An Easy to Use Internet Environment even at Sea


NetBreeze4W is an Internet communications device designed for use in areas with poor signal reception, such as on nautical vessels or construction sites.
It can be used with an antenna set up outdoors with a cable of maximum length of 20m. Compared to using an indoor antenna the effect of obstructions is reduced and the signal catchment area is increased. The new model NetBreeze4W is fitted with a wireless LAN function.

Utilizes highly reliable Xi/FOMA which can be used over wide areas.
Offers an LTE/3G communication environment using the NTT Docomo Xi/FOMA network. The FOMA network covers 100% of the population, allowing more stable communications. *1

*1 The service does not guarantee that signals can be picked up at any location. Signals may not be picked up if used outside the communications carrier’s area of service, or as a result of factors due to the usage environment.

Safe and Simple Network Environment Construction


Router/Firewall function

The device’s router function makes it easy to create an Internet connection environment simply by connecting a LAN cable.

Designed for continuous operation

With a router which is not able to handle unexpected signal interruptions in an environment where signal reception is weak, it is often necessary to as reconnect manually. NetBreeze is equipped with functions designed for continuous operation, using communications monitoring and a WAN heart beat signal to automatically carry out reconnection and restarting. *2

*2 This function supports reconnection when communication has been lost, and does not guarantee continuous connection.

Onboard IT Solutions – Use Your Smartphone On Board

Onboard IT Solutions – Use Your Smartphone On Board
NetBreeze4W is fitted with a Wi-Fi function in the main unit. Wi-Fi compatible devices such as smartphones and tablets can be used in areas near the NetBreeze main unit. If access points are set up Wi-Fi can be used in all the cabins. *3

Using TV coaxial cable, a network can be set up on board. This uses existing equipment, so all the cabins can be included in the network without having to undertake major renovations. With a maximum transmission speed that has a maximum effective value of 75 Mbps, an extremely usable network can be provided.


*3 The installed devices and required construction will vary according to the usage environment.

Check on Cargo-handling Operations Using a Network Camera

Images from an onboard camera can be transmitted via NetBreeze4W.
This can be used to check on the progress of dockside cargo-handling or to gather information in times of emergency.

NetBreeze009S NetBreeze005S

Need to check up on a variety of locations at one time

Engine rooms, cargo-handling etc. can be remotely viewed simultaneously from the wheelhouse, cargo preparation section or other locations.

Need to view the situation on board from on shore

Views from on board the ship can be seen from the office over the network.

Record the camera images to be prepared for any situation

Images recorded from the camera may come in handy for a variety of situations.

Ship Movement Management: Honsen Web

As an optional unit, it is possible to manage the ship’s movements by connection to a GPS unit.
The position of the ship is automatically transmitted once every 10 minutes, so it is possible to keep up to date with the ship’s movements from the office on shore without contacting it.
With just an Internet connection and browser on the land side the position of the ship can be displayed on a map.

Optional GPS unit

Main Specifications

Communication methods LTE
Communication speeds LTE: Maximum downstream transmission speed 100Mbps
Maximum upstream transmission speed 37.5Mbps (best effort)
3G: Maximum downstream transmission speed 14Mbps
Maximum upstream transmission speed 5.7Mbps(best effort)
Interface 100BASE-T/10BASE-T×2
Power specifications(AC adaptor)
Rated input AC100V(50/60Hz)
Rated output DC1.0A (DC12V)
Maximum power consumption 11W
Operating environment conditions(main unit)
Temperature 5 to 40°C
Humidity 25 to 85% (no condensation)
Router functions DHCP server function, NAT/IP Masquerade, WAN heart beat,
communications monitoring timer, hardware watchdog
Wireless LAN IEEE802.11b/g/n
Operation range Up to about 30km from the coastline *1

* Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice.