SmartRoller : Cloud type rolling compaction management system

Data set by “SmartRoller WEB” from the office will be downloaded when starting machine side HDT280 “SmartRoller”.
The operator can carry out work by just operating according to the setting data.
It will realize prompt interaction with the site via the cloud server, streamlining and speeding up tasks by unifying data, and eliminating labor shortage.

System Image
Depending on the numbers of rolling compaction, it is color-coded for each mesh in monitor.
Construction data is sent to “SmartRoller Web” and can be checked and printed in the office.
*Internet connection environment is essential.

Durable Android terminal HDT280

NETIS Registration Number: OK-170005-A (Japanese)
New Technology Information System of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.


  • Cloud-type rolling compaction management system using durable Android terminal “HDT280”.
  • HDT280 is Android terminal with 1 frequency RTK-GNSS built in, and it supports IoT.
  • Adoption of 1 frequency RTK-GNSS realizes cost reduction.
  • Multiple equipment up to now will be consolidated on one HDT280 terminal.
  • Data can be unitarily managed by cloud service.
  • Remote operation makes troubleshooting easier.
  • WEB distribution of correction information is possible from one base station to multiple construction sites (within about 10 km) or to multiple mobile stations (HDT280) at the same construction site.(RINQ)

System Outline


Connection of equipment of construction machine

Standard equipment configuration (Use HDT280 with built‐in Single-frequency RTK-GNSS)

RINQ: Single-frequency GNSS correction information distribution service (option)

Achieve centimeter accuracy by Single-frequency GNSS correction information
RINQ(RTCM Internet Neo Query) is a GNSS correction information distribution service for HDT280.
HDT280 can be used as a distribution station for GNSS correction information, and HDT280 on the mobile station side can use highly accurate one-frequency RTK positioning with correction information.
Refer to RINQ for HDT280

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